A sheriff with community values

Do you remember a time when your local Sheriff was your friend, neighbor and an advocate you could speak with at the ballpark or at a picnic?  Remember the times as a young person how you thought of your Sheriff and local Police as friends?  People who had your best interest in mind and would be there in the event of an emergency to serve and protect the community?    I remember these times and these times have changed.   These days it seems that the office of Sheriff and other law enforcement offices are merely just another revenue source for the municipality in which they serve isolating the peace officers from the public by forcing them to write citations for the sole purpose of creating revenue with no officer discretion whatsoever.

I envision a place once again where the peace officers of our county are allowed to be a part of the community, enjoy speaking with children and stopping to help that lady with a flat tire.  I envision a county with peace officers that are looked up to and respected because they put the people in the county above revenue.  Officers that are supported by not only the department but the community they serve.  Officers who’s wives and children have the support structure they need to mold the finest officers Alabama has ever seen.   I envision a place where our deputy’s will not be punished for missing a quota, but yet rewarded for the courage they exhibit helping citizens of our great community.

I have visions of a county where our children can attend school and play in the parks without being bombarded with illegal drugs.  I will enforce a strict drug policy based on rehabilitation through Christian based counseling and established programs within the drug court.  I will put pressure on those who use drugs to get to the distributors of these illicit drugs in our county and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.   I would like to create programs through pastoral care that can impact the lives of those with addictions in a positive way to get them the help they need and encourage them to create a productive life and a productive member of our community.

I will lead by example, putting the deputies and their families first.  I will have a women’s auxiliary that will support the deputies and their families.  Growing up with a policeman as a father I have experience with the challenges they face and will be prepared to help address those challenges with the Pastoral program and the women’s auxiliary.

Throughout history peace officers have been taking an oath to uphold the Constitution.   This means that they have taken an oath to protect the God given rights of the people.  An officer’s job is to protect the God given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Second to protecting these rights is doing so by dealing with persons who violate order and peace within the community individually.

Peace officers take an oath to protect citizen’s rights to the entire Constitution, this includes every amendment.  The second amendment is very important; for a person should not be denied the right to a constitutional freedom based on political motives, but yet his record.   My office will not abuse the authority granted to me by our constituents.   Applications regarding firearms will be dealt with based on a person’s criminal record, not as a matter of political positioning.

Can you imagine a county where your deputies can play ball with your kids?  Teach them about safety and interact with them as citizens and not as a source of revenue?  Can you imagine a county where the officers treat you with respect and see you as a friend and not a threat? These things are possible, but it takes effort from everyone in the community.   Please join me in investing in Shelby County so that our visions of today will be the future of tomorrow.

What is a Constitutional Sheriff?

To learn more about Constitutional Sheriffs and how they can protect your rights, go to www.CSPOA.org.

Rick Needham a Constitutional Sheriff

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